Renewals FAQ

Do I Need To Do Anything?

All renewal invitations have been sent out – all but a few by email.

Please check the documents. If you want to stay with the membership(s) listed, and your bank account details are correct, then you do not need to do anything. We will renew you from April 1st.

If there is to be any change, e.g. to change from six payments to one, to go from Off Peak to Full, if your bank account has changed, or you wish to go from paying by BACS/cheque to Direct Debit, then please contact Simon on the office.

Why Have I Not Received a Renewal?

To our newer members who joined after April 2017, you will be sent renewals nearer the date of your renewals. So please be assured that you will not be charged earlier.

If you think you should have received the renewal but haven’t, please contact the Club Office. Thanks.

Making Payments

We would like to clarify the charges for instalments and payments by cheque and bank transfer (BACS).

The Board decided this year to reduce the charges slightly – so you pay a £10 service charge EITHER for Direct Debit over six months, OR for a single payment by BACS or cheque.

So, for example, a full Tennis member has the following choices:

By Direct Debit

  • £415 in a single payment
  • £207.50 in two consecutive months eg April, May
  • £70.83 in six consecutive months eg April – September (a total of £425)

By BACS or cheque

  • £425 in a SINGLE payment

As before, the Board want to encourage members to pay in a way that involves minimal administrative effort.

Where are the Forms?

Direct Debit Form

Current Price List

How Do I Pay?

If you want to pay for your renewal by BACS,  please contact the Club Office for the account details. We cannot put these online because this leaves our account open to fraud. Note that you must pay your fees in a SINGLE payment by this method, and pay an extra £10 service charge.

If you want to pay for your renewal by cheque, please make it payable to ‘Sundridge Park Tennis & Squash Limited’. Note that you must pay your fees in a SINGLE payment by this method, and pay an extra £10 service charge.

Introduction to Renewals for 2018

After careful consideration the Board has decided not to increase subscriptions in April; those of you renewing at this time will be charged the same as in 2017.

Invitations to renew will be sent out shortly. We expect to send them in batches so that our emails reach you. If you do not have an email address, it will be posted to you.

If you wish to make any changes to your membership category or method of payment, please notify us as soon as possible and no later than 10th March. We would welcome the few members who do not pay by DD to consider changing to this option.

There is no additional charge for payment by DD over 1 or 2 instalments.

There is a £10 charge for payments over 6 instalments, by BACS, or by cheque.

Late payments after 1tst April (or the month in which it is due) will incur a £10 charge.

Changes to Membership Categories

Tennis Off Peak

Following a trial extension of playing hours to include Sunday afternoons after 1pm during the winter, this will now be included all year round for this category.

NEW Tennis Restricted Off Peak (tarmac courts 13-16) £150

Our newly resurfaced tarmac courts offer an excellent but underused facility particularly Monday to Friday until 4pm. This new restricted membership will be available for the same hours as our general off peak tennis membership:

Monday – Friday 9am-6pm and Sundays from 1pm (limited availability from 4pm during summer school term, and during holidays when coaching camps in progress)

We hope that this new category will particularly appeal to new adult beginner members, who will be able to practice for less than £3 a week!

Coaching Membership

We will retain this membership for existing members only – this category will no longer be available to new members. We hope that the new membership ‘Restricted Off Peak’ category, which gives the opportunity to play as well as access coaching, will be an attractive alternative.