Saturday 23rd June – Music Evening with Alejandra Burgos

Alejandra will play an acoustic set including a number of her own songs as well as classic hits founded on blues, Latin, rock and country, a mixture that she grew up with from a young age while supporting her Dad at gigs in Buenos Aries and other cities in Argentina… From Cat Stevens to Crystal Gale…Tina Turner to The Beatles… her influences are many and varied while her style is always one that is full of energy and passion. Since Alejandra last played at Sundridge Park, she has supported Anastasia on her European come back tour and also opened for Gloria Gaynor when she visited Palma, Mallorca last summer.

Tickets £10 in advance, £15 on the door. Get your tickets from John Rothwell, the Club Office or at the Paypal checkout…

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Saturday 14th July – Jazz Evening with Earl Okin

A fantastic evening of Jazz/Bossa music and comedy comes to The Sundridge Park Club with Earl Okin.

Tickets £10 in advance, £15 on the door. This was a sell out last time so book your tickets early! Get your tickets from Barry Franks, the Club Office or at the Paypal checkout…

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We are thrilled Earl will be coming back to the club this July- for anyone who would like to know more about his music, take a look at his website.

“Another Tennis Club gig, eh?
So… that’s your racquet!?
As you’ll see at the above link, they’re not even a close call for any of the suggested dates, so I can deliver my services…as many sets as required. You might even name the show ‘Earl’s Court’.”

“The recordings I’ve tried are definitely worth hearing but to hear Earl Okin live is the way to go. If he had been on for a second night I’d have been queueing up to hear him again.”