Tennis Fixtures

Tennis Fixtures Secretary Lisa King tennisfixtures@spltsrc.co.uk 07885 021122


Home matches between Monday 22nd October and Monday 29th October
  League Division Team Opposition Time AM Time PM Note
Saturday 27th October 2018 North Kent   Bromley LTC 2 10:00   
Sunday 28th October 2018 North Kent   Catford Wanderers 1 10:00   


Kent Mens 1 Div 1B Nick Lambrou (07960 392837)
Thursday 31st May 2018Bromley LTC 1H18:30
Sunday 21st October 2018Tunbridge Wells 1H10:30
Sunday 25th November 2018Canterbury 1H10:30
Sunday 20th January 2019David Lloyd Kingshill 1A11:00
Sunday 3rd February 2019Blackheath 2A10:30


Kent Ladies 1 Div 1A Suzy Russell (07711 921458)
Sunday 4th November 2018Blackheath 1H13:00
Sunday 25th November 2018Tunbridge Wells 1A12:00
Sunday 13th January 2019Sevenoaks 2H13:00
Sunday 3rd February 2019Freedom Leisure 1A12:00


Kent Mixed 1 Div 1A Lisa King (07885 021122)
Saturday 13th October 2018Freedom Leisure 1H13:30
Sunday 2nd December 2018Bromley Wendover 1A10:30
Sunday 10th February 2019Bexley 1A10:00
Sunday 24th February 2019Sevenoaks 2H10:30


Kent Mens Vets 1 Div 1A Bill Crawford (07505 486375)
Saturday 6th October 2018Sevenoaks 1A10:30
Sunday 11th November 2018Knoll 1H10:00
Sunday 13th January 2019Bromley Wendover 1A10:30
Sunday 10th February 2019MargateH10:30


Kent Ladies Vets 1 Div 3A Lynne Moxon (07812 525250)
Sunday 11th November 2018CrescentA12:00
Saturday 1st December 2018HayesH10:00
Sunday 6th January 2019Bearsted 4H13:00
Sunday 10th February 2019ChipsteadA10:30


Kent Mens Vets Over 70s Div North A Victor Simms (07788 152023)
Wednesday 7th November 2018CatfordH10:30
Wednesday 21st November 2018CanterburyH10:30
Tuesday 11th December 2018HayesA10:30
Wednesday 16th January 2019ParklangleyA11:00


North Kent Mens 1 Div 1A Jonathan Alford-Smith (07939 002766)
Sunday 7th October 2018Gravesham 1A13:00
Sunday 4th November 2018Bromley LTC 1A10:30
Saturday 24th November 2018Bromley Wendover 2H13:00
Saturday 8th December 2018Sydenham 1H10:00


North Kent Mens 2 Div 2A Jack Read (07837 569991)
Sunday 30th September 2018Crescent 1H13:00
Saturday 20th October 2018Blackheath 1H10:30
Sunday 18th November 2018Parklangley 1A10:30
Saturday 26th January 2019Hartley CC 2A10:30


North Kent Ladies 1 Div 1A Jo Robinson (07747 782972)
Sunday 11th November 2018Parklangley 2A10:30
Saturday 1st December 2018Blackheath 1A10:30
Sunday 9th December 2018Bromley Wendover 1H13:00
Saturday 26th January 2019Gravesham 1H10:30


North Kent Ladies 2 Div 2B Gemma Nurse (07882 013447)
Sunday 28th October 2018Chislehurst 1A12:00
Sunday 18th November 2018KnockholtA10:00
Sunday 2nd December 2018Wickham Park 1H10:00
Sunday 27th January 2019Sidcup Recreation 1H10:00


North Kent Ladies 3 Div 4A Fiona Kelly/Anna Wilson (07702 555152/07749 665425)
Saturday 3rd November 2018Meopham 2H10:00
Sunday 25th November 2018Chelsfield ParkA10:30
Sunday 13th January 2019Sidcup Recreation 2H10:00
Saturday 26th January 2019Beckenham A10:30


North Kent Ladies 4 Div 4B Judy Coffin (07809 716113)
Sunday 30th September 2018Parklangley 4H10:00
Saturday 27th October 2018Bromley LTC 2H10:00
Saturday 17th November 2018Crescent 1A10:30
Sunday 9th December 2018Willett RecreationA10:00


North Kent Ladies 5 Div 5A Lisa Cahill (07950 998631)
Sunday 7th October 2018Chislehurst 2A12:00
Saturday 20th October 2018Bromley CC 2A12:30
Saturday 10th November 2018Wickham Park 3H10:00
Saturday 24th November 2018Meopham 3H10:00
Saturday 19th January 2019David Lloyd Dartford 2H10:00


North Kent Mixed 1 Div 1A Clare Byrne (07803 003691)
Sunday 28th October 2018Catford Wanderers 1H10:00
Sunday 18th November 2018Bromley Wendover 1A12:30
Sunday 16th December 2018Oakwood 1H10:30
Saturday 19th January 2019Blackheath 1A10:30


North Kent Mixed 2 Div 2A Sarah Thompson (07548 038367)
Sunday 7th October 2018Bexley 2H10:00
Saturday 17th November 2018Meopham 2H10:00
Sunday 16th December 2018David Lloyd Dartford 1A10:30
Saturday 12th January 2019Bromley LTC 1A10:30


North Kent Midweek Mixed Vets Div 3 Peter Larsson (07798 558511)
Tuesday 30th October 2018Shooters Hill 2H10:30
Tuesday 6th November 2018Wickham ParkA11:00
Tuesday 27th November 2018MeophamH10:30
Tuesday 11th December 2018David Lloyd DartfordA11:00
Tuesday 8th January 2019Bexley 3H10:30


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