We will be using this page to update you on our opening hours, coaching programme and any other information.

Current Status 31/3/2020

The message is now very clear that people should stay at home, not mixing with anyone other than those in their household.

  • The Club and all its facilities are closed, all courts are locked and the booking system is shut down.
  • No coaching may take place, including 1:1 lessons
  • We urge all our members to follow the government advice so we can slow the spread of the virus and help our community get back to normal as soon as safely allowed.

Memberships will be extended for whatever period of restriction is placed on us, calculated from 24th March. You will receive full value for your membership once we are back on track. If we are closed for one month, you will receive an extension of one month and so on.

Thank you to the members who have been in touch indicating your support for keeping the Club going through this challenge and to all the staff for their flexibility in work schedules.

It is an anxious time for all of us. Our opportunities for physical exercise have been reduced so I do encourage you to do a daily walk, jog or exercise in your garden (that’s what I have been doing) and follow all the advice given to you to stay well. The coaches and I are sharing tips on this. We will be monitoring emails daily so feel free to get in touch if you need help or have other ideas to inspire members.

We hope you and your families keep well and we are looking forward to getting the club doors open again when it is safe to do so. We would also like to say a heartfelt thank you for all the messages of support we have received. It really does mean a lot; a big thank you  from all the team at Sundridge Park.

Kind Regards

Jo Powlson