The newest addition to  Sundridge Park 


The newest addition to racket sports at Sundridge Park with 2 new premium courts

One of the fastest growing sports across continental Europe, Padel has gained increasing popularity over recent years, with over six million people currently playing in Spain! Now is your chance to play at our Club in Bromley!

What is Padel Tennis?

  • Padel is a cross between tennis & squash
  • It is played with a bat that is made from foam, EVA rubber and fibreglass – and has holes in the head.
  • Scoring is the same as tennis and is always played as doubles
  • To serve you drop the ball and hit underarm cross court into the service box of the receiver
  • Requires less technical ability, points are won based on strategy rather than strength & skill.
  • An easy game to learn and great fun and exercise for all the family!


We have a number of membership options available for Padel, all of which are great value for money and offer discounted court fees, coaching rates and 14 day advance booking rights.

Court hire:

We offer our courts both to members at discounted rates and to non members on a pay and play basis and racket hire is available on site.


We have a comprehensive Padel coaching programme in place with our Spanish Padel expert Coach Jonas. If you are a complete beginner or just want to tweak some areas of your game, we will have a session for you.

For information on Padel membership, court hire and coaching please visit our Padel website below

Bromley Padel Website